Gray Literature Index

This is an index of “gray literature” on wildlife management and conservation, that is, scientific information that has not been published in peer-reviewed science journals. It includes management plans, status reports, white papers, and even articles intended for the general public.

The index is alphabetical by common name.

(The list is still under construction. More info to come.)

Alligator, Florida, Bite statistics, June 2011
Alligator, Florida, Harvest summaries

Bald eagle, Florida, Monitoring reports (to 2010)
Bighorn sheep, Wyoming (Western Ecosystems Technology), Distribution and habitat selection, June 2009
Black bear, Florida, list of reports and publications (with links)
Black bear, Florida, Proposed management plan, February 2012
Bobcat, New York State, Proposed management plan, February 2012
Burrowing owls, California, Staff report on mitigation, March 2012

Burrowing owls, How to build secure artificial burrows, January 2013

Dragonflies, New Hampshire, statewide survey, May 2012

Elk, Wyoming (Western Ecosystem Technologies), Distribution and habitat use, July 2005

Frog abnormalities, Interpretation of malformations, February 2000
Frog, northern leopard, Technical conservation assessment, January 2007

Gopher tortoise, Florida, Management plan, September 2007

Herons and other colonial wading birds, Maine, Survey summary, 2009

Mottled duck, Florida, Telemetry project updates
Mule deer, Wyoming (Western Ecosystems Technology), Impact of energy development in Sublette region, January 2009
Mule deer, Wyoming (Western Ecosystems Technology), Impact of Energy development in Atlantic Rim region, April 2007
Mule deer, Wyoming (report to Dept. of Transportation), use of highway underpass, June 2003

Pronghorn, Wyoming (Western Ecosystems Technology), Road crossings, April 2005

Spruce grouse, New York State, Proposed management plan, December 2011

Turtles, Massachusetts, Creating turtle nesting sites, February 2009
Turtles, Arizona, Increase in non-native, June 2012 (2nd item from bottom)

White-tailed deer, Florida, Several reports – including 2008 management plan and breeding chronology study
White-tailed deer, Ontario, 2011 chronic wasting disease surveillance report (PDF)
White-tailed deer, Wisconsin, September 2012, survival and fawn recruitment and other research newsletter (PDF)

Multiple Species

Elk, mule deer, moose; Wyoming (Western Ecosystems Technology), Highway crossing study, April 2006

Appendix B – Big game and other wildlife crossings
Appendix D – Use of bridge and culvert crossings

Wildlife pathogens and diseases in Canada, November 2011


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