Salamander Summit

salado salamanderThis is the first time I’ve heard endangered species news through a city business journal, but perhaps I’m just reading the wrong publications.

The Austin Business Journal reports that US Fish and Wildlife director Dan Ashe has agreed to meet with stakeholders in Williamson County, Texas to discuss the possible listing of four salamander species.

According to the US Fish and Wildlife’s Ecological Services website, these salamanders are: Austin blind salamander (Eurycea waterlooensis), Jollyville Plateau salamander (Eurycea tonkawae), Georgetown salamander (Eurycea naufragia), and Salado salamander (Eurycea chisholmensis).  All four salamander species are entirely aquatic and depend on water from the Edwards Aquifer to survive.

The USFWS information says that these salamanders are totally aquatic, with no known terrestrial form.

A press release from US Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) says that he set up the summit.

Read the Austin Business Journal article here.
Read the USFWS Texas salamander page here, with lots of links to Federal Register listings and other info.
Read Sen. Cornyn’s press release here.

Photo: Salado salamander by R.D. Bartlett, courtesy of USFWS


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