White Nose Syndrome in Illinois

Illinois WNS mapWhite nose syndrome (WNS) in bats was detected in four Illinois counties in February, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s WNS map shows that the new sites in southern Illinois are near other sites in other states, while the site in the northern part of the state stands alone (although it is somewhat near last year’s unconfirmed Iowa site).

The article notes that Illinois is the 20th state to be struck by WNS.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources press release says that the bats found with WNS were little brown bats and northern long-eared bats.

Read the Chicago Sun-Times article here.
Read the Illinois DNR press release here.
See the updated WNS map from the US Fish and Wildlife Service here.

In addition: the suspected case of WNS on Prince Edward Island in Canada, which we reported on last month, has been confirmed to be WNS.

Read the article on the CBC website, here.

(‘Tis the season for WNS reports. It generally runs from March through June, so stay tuned.)

Map: Cal Butchkoski, PA Game Commission, used courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service


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