Why You Should Care About the Farm Bill

You should care about the federal farm bill that was passed by the Senate last week. By providing funds to farmers, the US Department of Agriculture provides funding for a good chunk of the workaday wildlife conservation that goes on in this country. This is the funding that helps keep common species common (as opposed to the funding that provides first aid to species in critical condition).

I’ve been on the lookout for an article that explains why you should care about the farm bill, and I haven’t found the perfect article yet, but this piece by The Nature Conservancy CEO, Mark Tercek does a pretty good job.

For more about the farm bill than you are likely to want to know, there’s this article in The New York Times last week.

Keep an eye out for news about the farm bill. The resulting legislation is likely to have an impact on your work as a state wildlife biologist — one way or the other.


One thought on “Why You Should Care About the Farm Bill

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