Overpasses Top Underpasses?

Do bighorn sheep like highway wildlife overpasses better than underpasses? Arizona sports three wildlife overpasses over Highway 93 which were specifically designed for bighorn sheep. It also has three wildlife underpasses under Highway 68.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department recently reported that there were 229 bighorn sheep crossings at the three overpasses in a single month. There have been only 32 crossings at the underpasses in two years.

The Highway 93 overpasses also have a higher cuteness quotient than the underpasses. A bighorn ewe and her lamb were recently photographed crossing one of the overpasses.

Read the report from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, here. (Second item from the top.)

Photo courtesy Arizona Game and Fish Deparment.


One thought on “Overpasses Top Underpasses?

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