Birds, Wind Turbines, and Radar

In the Tehachapi Mountains north of Los Angeles, migrating birds flow through a canyon “like a living river of birds,” the Los Angeles Times says. These locations are not only attractive to birds, but to wind power developers as well.

These developers are thinking about using radar units and experimental telemetry systems to avoid killing birds, the article says.

The radar systems cost about $500,000, the article reports, and work best in flat, treeless places. (The radar company mentioned in the article, DeTect, Inc. appears to work mostly with airports, which are definitely flat, treeless places.) Several radar units would be needed in a place like the Tehachapi mountain canyon.

The article also mentions linking the telemetry units on individual condors to cut-offs at wind power facilities. If a tagged condor flies too near a wind farm, the rotors stop spinning.

Read the article in the Los Angeles Times, here.
Info on the bird and bat radar systems from DeTect, mentioned in the article, here.


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