Arizona Allows Night Hunting for Predators

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission believes that reducing predators in certain game management units will boost struggling pronghorn antelope and bighorn sheep populations. It signed off on a rule that will allow the use of artificial lighting during night hunts of coyotes and mountain lions.

Read the full press release here. (All the media coverage I’ve seen about this so far is just a reprint of the press release.)

The press release says that 41 other states allow night hunting of predators.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which states? The closest I could find to a list is this list of coyote hunting regulations from the National Predator Hunters Association. It reveals that as of early 2011: in Florida you can hunt coyotes at night by the light of the moon, but need a permit for an artificial light; you can’t use lights affixed to a vehicle in Georgia; you can’t hunt coyotes on Sunday in Maine; and you must use a light when hunting at night in Indiana and Ohio.

The link pops up a Word document.

Photo courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish Commission


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