Desperately Seeking Stable Corridors

Researchers from Northern Arizona University are looking for wildlife corridors to study — but not just any corridors. They are looking for long ( from half a kilometer to 100km), wide (more than 100 meters) corridors of natural habitat through human dominated landscapes. These corridors need to have similar unconnected sites nearby to serve as a reference or control site.

For a detailed description of the ideal study site, visit this page on the study’s Web site. It even describes the wiggle room for good, but not perfect, sites.

So far, all the research on wildlife corridors has focused on short ones. There’s lots of talk about establishing longer corridors, particularly to conserve wildlife during a period of rapid climate change, but no research proving those long corridors will work, the researchers say. This study will fill that research gap.

The researchers will accept study sites in any part of the world, and are offering a reward to the first person who tells them about a suitable site that is used in the study.

Please visit for more information on the project (including links to scientific papers describing corridors and the research parameters) or to suggest landscapes for the research. Contact: Dr. Andrew Gregory, 1-928-523-2167


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