Asian Carp Found in Wisconsin

A bighead carp caught by an angler, and traces of silver carp DNA found in tests means that Asian carp have expanded beyond the Mississippi River, where they were first found in Wisconsin 1996, into Wisconsin tributaries, a recent release from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reports. The silver lining is that no evidence of the carp reproducing has been found.

The department is asking anglers to report and bring in (on ice) any Asian carp caught.

Read the WDNR release here — with a nice graphic (keep scrolling down).

The Wall Street Journal picked up the Associated Press’s article on the story. Read it here.

This short item was posted on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog. Read it here.

Photo: Yes, those are Asian carp behind that boat, but the boat is not in Wisconsin. Chris Olds, US Fish and Wildlife Service


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